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How do we know?

After every election and primary in Connecticut there is a Post-Election Audit, to ensure the voting machines are functioning properly. Citizens observe the integrity of the audit, the security of the ballots, and independently report results.

Goals of the Audit Observation

  • Check that the counts are accurate each ballot correctly.
  • Monitor Ballot “Chain of Custody” – the legal and secure handling of the paper ballots.
  • Report results objectively and independently to the public, officials, and legislature.

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The Connecticut Citizen Election Audit (CTElectionAudit.org) has organized over 200 volunteers since 2007 to observe the state’s audit of voting machines. These non-partisan volunteers go “behind the scenes” with a checklist of best practices and interview questions.

The observers do not participate in the Audits, but are able to gather information which is then compiled into a report and submitted to the public, election officials, and the Legislature.

Visit CTElectionAudit.org to read previous Observation Reports

  • Who can volunteer? Anyone. You, for example!
  • Where? Throughout the State of Connecticut.
  • When? Generally within the 2nd to 3th weeks following an election.
  • How? <Click Here> Or call the Executive Director at: 860-918-2115

Why Volunteer?
For good Government, to preserve our right to a free and accurate vote!

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